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As your Laserfit suit is perfectly tailored to your body shape, there is far less stress on the material. Couple this with the first class fabric, fittings and workmanship that is used in the construction of your suit means you will have a wardrobe that lasts you longer and requires less maintenance.

Having a wardrobe of three suits and rotating them on a daily basis will substantially reduce the need for dry-cleaning, a process that takes a heavy toll on any garment. Compare these figures and save:




Suit Cost

699 699

Number of Suits

3 2


2,097 1,398

Dry Cleans per Year

6 18

Dry Clean Cost

20 20
Year 1 120 360
Year 2 120 360
Year 3 120 *1,059
Year 4 120 360
Year 5 120 360

Total Maintenance

600 2,499
Total Cost of Ownership $2,697 $3,897
Per Year $539 $779
Saving 44.5%
*Additional suit required due to excessive laundering.

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