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Suit care tips...

Always use curved hangers for your suits, with the curve going forward, and leave space between garments in your closet. Cedar hangers will absorb moisture, retain the shape of your jacket, and repel moths. Leave your jacket unbuttoned and be sure to empty the pockets.

Leave space between hangers so garments will be free of wrinkles.

Allow your suit to rest at least 24 hours between wearings and try to alternate suits.

Brush clothes between cleanings.

Read and follow the care instruction on your garment.

When sitting, pull your slacks up at the thigh to reduce stress on the fabric and seams. Make sure to pull up your socks; no skin should show when you cross your legs.

Always unbutton your suit coat when sitting; when you're in a car, make sure you hang it up rather than wear it.

Never store wool garments in plastic because they need to breathe.

You only need to dry clean your suit when it is dirty. Suits worn regularly usually only need to be dry cleaned a few times per year. Natural fibers become brittle when dry cleaned too often, and brittle fibers break. So if your suit's just wrinkled - but not soiled - have it pressed. It'll last much longer!

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