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Traditional bespoke tailoring often means cantankerous tailors and high prices. At Laserfit we’re not traditional in the slightest, in fact we’re rather modern.

We want the experience of buying a suit or business shirt to be as hassle free as possible.

A thirty minute measuring session with your partner is all you will need to provide the information you need to tailor your new garment. Your suit will be tailored using the latest digital technology and be delivered direct to your door in around in six weeks.

We realise that many of our clients don’t have the time to spend looking for what they want. That’s why we do all the hard work for you.

Here’s what you will get with a Laserfit garment:

• A made-to-measure two-piece suit or business shirt
• Italian styled tailored shirt collars and cuffs
• A selection of the finest quality fabrics
• 4 button real hole cuffs
• Our famous 5 year warranty


We are currently developing our range of tailor made business shirts. As with our suits you can be assured of extreme value for money.

Our Collar & Cuff Construction

Collars are constructed so that they have removable collar stiffeners. They are made using the highest quality interlining. The collar is "fused" where the interlining is glued onto the fabric giving a rigid, characterless collar. Italian fusing techniques using premium interlinings that are fused into the collar and cuffs produce a smooth, clean, crisp even appearance that will not lose its shape over time. We use double layer top fusing for collars and cuffs. Our shirt collars are hand-cut and hand-turned.
There are three collar styles

Stitching & Buttons

High tensile strength silk woven threads or extra strong cotton poly non-shrink thread is used in the construction.

All the seams have three eighths inch double saddle stitching to give the shirt durability as well as impeccable design. All shirts are sewn with a minimum of 18 - 20 stitches per inch with full single needle construction resulting in strong, flat seams that do not separate. Extra fine needles are used for these stitches to ensure a shirt that is beautiful as it is durable.

Buttons are made of 2.0 mm mother of pearl shell. Mother-of-Pearl is a kind of natural shell, long known for its beauty and ethereal glossy look. They are available in white, brown and black. Due to their beauty, mother-of-pearl shells have often been made into jewelries, handicrafts and buttons.
Mother of Pearl buttons are also known and used worldwide, especially by leading fashion houses in Europe, United States and Asia. As these pearl buttons are highly reflective, their beauty enhances the elegance and perceived value of a business shirt.

Lock stitched button sewing is used in an X formation rather than an H - which can unravel easily.


We use 3 types of fabric for our business shirts, depending on your budget.

Super 100s & 140s Sea-Island cotton

Using only the finest and longest yarns in the weaving process, the fabrics are truly smooth and lovely to wear. The Sea-island cotton is comfortable, cool, drapes well and durable. Much care has gone into the design, weaving and finishing processes to ensure that you get a luxurious, silky smooth yet strong fabric for making your dream shirt.

Hi-Tech Microfibre

(Details yet to be finalized)

Classic business shirt colours are available initially. White, Cream, Blue and Fine blue pinstripe.

We only sell our unique tailor made business shirts in a minimum quantity of 5 shirts. Prices range from $449 - $649


Taking our cue from techniques mastered by generations of craftsmen, we tailor our suit coats to follow the contours of the body, with fullness permanently built into the chest and lapels. Plus, we gather in and sew extra material at the armholes for optimum room and comfort. This attention to detail results in a remarkable achievement: a custom-fitted suit for hundreds less than you'd pay elsewhere.

You'll feel the luxury the minute you slip on the jacket. Our tailoring techniques make the difference between a nice suit and an elegant wardrobe asset.

3 Button Single Breast

The jacket with fashionable 3 button front provides ample space for your possessions with patch pockets and three inner pockets.

The hand-stitched edges emphasize front and lapels, just as in the most expensive bespoke tailoring. The discreetly tailored three-button style with three inside pockets gives a slender silhouette without being a tight fit. The trousers are comfortably cut with slant side pockets and two edged back pockets.

Buy It Now Pricing

Tasmanian Super 150s
Jacket & Trousers - $649
Jacket & 2 Trousers - $699
Tasmanian Wool – Cashmere – Mink
Jacket & Trousers - $599
Jacket & 2 Trousers - $649

2 Button Single Breast

The jacket has a softer, fuller shape, and automatically adds body to the chest and shoulders without adding extra weight.

On the inside, you'll find a pocket on the right with security flap, two interior pockets on the left and full viscose lining. Naturally, you'll find a pick stitched lapel, collar and front edge. These details would cost you hundreds of dollars more in retail stores.

Trousers have a front lining to the knee for extra comfort and durability. Of course, our tailored trousers also include an anti-roll waistband that won't flop over as the day goes on.

Naturally, all of the pieces are steam ironed with great care, ensuring an impeccable finish.

Buy It Now Pricing

Tasmanian Super 150s
Jacket & Trousers - $649
Jacket & 2 Trousers - $699
Tasmanian Wool – Cashmere – Mink
Jacket & Trousers - $599
Jacket & 2 Trousers - $649


2 Button 3 Piece Single Breast

Respectable enough for directors' meetings complete with waistcoat.
In the 70s, pin-stripe 3 piece suits were very popular for businessmen and lawyers. Nowadays, they're the classic for bankers, politicians and the respectable favorite of designers, particularly with the waist-coat. The discreetly tailored three-button design with side vents and four inner pockets gives a smooth line.
And with the waistcoat, you'll still look smart, but comfortable, without a jacket. Average length, pleated trousers, with slanted, trimmed pockets, two rear pockets and anti-roll waistband.

Buy It Now Pricing

Tasmanian Super 150s
Jacket & Trousers & Vest - $699
Jacket & 2 Trousers & Vest- $749
Tasmanian Wool – Cashmere – Mink
Jacket & Trousers & Vest - $649
Jacket & 2 Trousers & Vest - $69


Double Breast

Contrary to popular misconception, almost anyone (the exception being someone with extremely broad hips) can wear a double-breasted jacket and look sharp as long as the jacket is cut properly. One of the advantages of the double-breasted suit--especially for the shorter man--is that the uninterrupted line of the peaked lapel when buttoned on the lower button can make a man look taller, as it cuts diagonally across the body. On the other hand, buttoning the middle or waist button can break up the length of a tall man, balancing his stature better.

When you order a suit from Laserfit Clothing, you can trust that it's going to fit the day you open the box. Like most men's clothiers, we use top-tier tailors with decades of experience. But we do it on the front end, rather than making you wait. Every coat and pair of trousers, in every size is draped, fit tested, and finessed by experienced hands.

Buy It Now Pricing

Tasmanian Super 150s
Jacket & Trousers - $649
Jacket & 2 Trousers - $699
Tasmanian Wool – Cashmere – Mink
Jacket & Trousers - $599
Jacket & 2 Trousers - $649


Fabric Types:

Merino wool from Tasmania is rare and valuable. And delicate enough to spin and twist into gossamer yarns to make a material as fine as the finest shirt cotton, with its own sheen. This precious pure new wool feels like high-quality wool flannel and can be worn in comfort all year round: on warm days, it's airy; on cool days between seasons it's cosy, and it's refreshing in heated rooms. The high quality fabric makes the suit soft and supple, while still flattering your figure.
The fabric is naturally wear-resistant – and because the yarn is so tightly twisted it will “spring” back into shape time and time again, smoothing out creases automatically.

Tasmanian Super 150s Wool (Click on image for larger view)
2732 Navy Narrow Pinstripe
2739 Grey Twin Pinstripe
2742 Grey Narrow Pinstripe
Tasmanian Wool - Cashmere - Mink Blend  
2784 Charcoal Slight Stripe
2753 Light Grey Plain
2754 Dark Grey Plain
2755 Mid Brown Plain
2757 Super Grey plain
2760 Black Plain

Why we use EBay:

EBay is one of the most secure online e-commerce systems on the web.

eBay is committed to making your trading experience safe and fun. You can rely on eBay's advice and guidelines to help you make informed decisions with confidence and trust. In the spirit of providing openly-available information, eBay members can leave Feedback about a transaction. This Feedback is posted on our Feedback profile and is a key indicator of our reputation.

EBay provides a range of safe payment options.

Credit cards
Visa and MasterCard.

Bank Deposit Express
Laserfit Clothing makes its bank account information available to buyers through the listing process. When a purchase is made the buyer can immediately view the bank account information and deposit payment.

Bank Deposit
Buyers deposit payment directly into the seller's bank account either online or at most banks.

Send funds to Laserfit Clothing using a credit card

Customers are also covered by EBay's buyer protection program.

EBay helps us keep our workroom working.
As with any small business we need to keep selling to survive. Every week we put a selected number of suits on the EBay Auction service at heavily discounted prices to keep our work room operating and to take advantage of special fabric purchases

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