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Make Off-The-Peg Men’s Suits Redundant

At Laserfit Clothing we want to change the way people purchase men’s suits and shirts. You generally have three choices when deciding to buy a suit:

Off the peg
Made to measure
Bespoke custom tailored

What’s the difference?

Off The Peg

Every ten to twenty years a major survey is conducted to measure the average person, (these are call anthropometric surveys). These surveys result in a set of measurements that represent the range of average sizes. These average size tables are used as a basis for clothing size standards according to ISO (International Standards Organisation) guidelines.

If you are the perfect average size (very few of us are) an off the peg suit represents the best value and range in the market. Suits are usually priced in the range of $200-$800.

Made To Measure

You visit your local menswear store where sets of basic measurements are taken. These are then used to alter a base pattern to suit your measurements.
Suits are priced in the range of $400-$1200.

Bespoke Custom Tailored
This is the ultimate men’s garment. First, you will need to find a bespoke tailor. He will book you in for a number of consultations. A comprehensive set of measurements will be taken and a suit will be constructed that not only fits perfectly, but compliments your size, shape and posture.
Suits are priced in the range of $2000-$5000.

If only I could afford a bespoke tailored suit . . . . ..

At Laserfit Clothing we believe in clients for life. We believe you should not have to compromise when it comes to your suit.

Not only should your suit be of the highest quality, it should fit you perfectly.
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